Finish It

Many people say it is always hard to start something. For me, it is totally wrong. Starting is always easy.

Finish what you have started, that’s the hardest part.

It is always easy to start. Remember again the first time you try Angry Birds game. Clicking the icon of the game, one, two, and — for the longest one — five minutes playing, you have discovered and fully understood the game. What you have to do is trying to throw out the bird to destroy buildings and send the green pigs to hell (by making them dead).

Well done, you have started playing.

You win a level, and going to the next ones. Sometimes you pass it easily, sometimes you pass it luckily. But more often than that, you do not pass. You lose the level and fail.

When you fail, there is only one thing to do: to retry. But the game always gives the alternate: to exit the game. When you choose to exit from the game, your smartphone always asks same questions, over and over again. Are you sure want to quit?

Sometimes you hesitate to quit. Some other times, you are so sure to quit. “Yes, this game sucks”. “Oh, I have wasted my time for this super unimportant shit”. “Ups, my luck is out.” “Forget it, get me out of this game”.

What I want to say is, your life and everything in it, is just like Angry Bird. It is something that you have started. And the only task you need to execute is finishing it. Keep doing it until the end.

Failing is always part of something you start. It is always come right at you, a precious gift from the sky to let you learn and be someone stronger to finish the job.

When you fail, you just need to retry.

Do not ever quit and think it is something that sucks or a wasting-time-unimportant-shit.

You need to get back to the game. To destroy the buildings and send the pigs to hell.

You need to finish what you have started. You need to finish the game.

Now, sit tight on your chair, drink a little coffee, and remember again what you have started: game, love, business, relationship, college, and most important one, your life.

Do not ever quit. Finish it.


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