My New Favorite Podcast: GO FIGURE by GO-JEK

Now I can say that I finally found the most interesting podcast for me.

It’s Go-Figure by Nadiem Makarim of Go-Jek.

The podcast is both entertaining and unexpectedly super relevant for me, with the context me working as leader in a fast growing startup. The case studies and lessons learned being talked in the podcast are very relevant, the cases that I can relate to.

The lack of team communication, evolution of top down to bottom up innovation, insecurity of having smarter people on the team, etc.

The cases are also super relevant because it is happening both in the industry I’m working on and the market that I’m living in as customers. I’m a daily users of Go-Jek too, and a huge fan for their super power as leading tech company in Indonesia.

I can say that I rarely have this huge crush on a podcast show. As long as I can remember, it only happen 3 times so far: Masters of Scale, Marketing School, and Garyvee audio experience.

But this one is Indonesian made. I’m super proud and excited.

If you are a startup person, business guy, or simply interested to know how startup life really is in Indonesia, this Podcast is for you.

Try give a listen on Spotify.

Or you can also watch it on Youtube.

Oh another thing. This Podcast is super helpful if you want to exercise your english listening skill.

This will sound weird, but I love listening to Nadiem and Go-Troops’ speaking english.

My new podcast idol, Go Figure!

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